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Features & Facilities


We understand that the crux of a successful an institution is the Academic Systems and Standards that are adopted and followed. Focusing on the International standards JJ Groups and Education Academic System is more agile, practical, effective and proven. Our Academic System enforces providing practical knowledge and more exposure to the real environment. It is just not learning at JJ Groups and Education. It is learning and practicing what was learned.


First and the foremost, there are Classroom Lectures by qualified and experienced faculties. We take pride in the mandatory Interactive Lecture concept that our faculties follow in the classrooms. These Classroom Lectures are supplemented with "Lectures from the Leaders", the same concept of Guest Lectures, but delivered only by successful Leaders and notable Speakers from both the Business and Academic fields. Our reputation and location bring some of the most inspirational and thought-provoking Leaders and Speakers in the world through our doors. Our Students and Alumni learn from and are challenged by these Leaders and Speakers from Industry, Government, Finance, Academics and Media.

Academic System at JJ Groups and Education also emphasizes utilizing state of the art tools and latest cutting edge technologies to make the students' learning more effective and fun. We have a Classrooms, Online Teaching Support, IT Labs, to assist the students to learn effectively and make learning a fun at the same time.


The library is the unspoken instructor. We at JJ Groups and Education understand the need of an efficient Library and hence we have a good collection of books to meet the requirement of the curriculum. The library also subscribes to latest National and International Journals and Magazines catering to all disciplines and has valuable audio visual collection in the form of compact discs and photographs.


There are some unique Teaching methodologies at JJ Groups and Education and the rest has some JJ Groups and Education unique touch to it. Our methodologies emphasize more on practice and are designed to bridge the gap with reality. This in turn bridges the gap between where and what the student is and where and what the student wants to be in reality. Also JJ Groups and Education takes pride in Programs and Workshops that are custom designed on a case-by-case basis to match each student's requirements. All effective methods of teaching are undertaken at JJ Groups and Education to benefit the students. We also focus on the Learner Controlled methods that involve active learning by the Student. This focus ensures that the teaching methods at JJ Groups and Education are distinctive and the students get a hands-on experience in what they learn.


JJ Groups and Education provides personal training for students in their corresponding fields through Internship training.


We at JJ Groups and Education understand that each student is different and has diverse needs to be concentrated and worked on. We have designed the teaching methodologies at JJ Groups and Education keeping this in mind. The class rooms are well equipped with all the modern teaching aids which would aid the faculty to render the concepts effectively and efficiently to the student community. Teaching Methodologies at JJ Groups and Education is custom configured for each individual and refined constantly by an iterative process.


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